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  1. A

    New To Everything!

    So I've been researching soap making and bath bombs for about a year now and I finally made my first successful batch of CP soap! I've been really drawn to bath bombs and I want to make richly colored bath bombs that won't stain the tub(AT ALL) but color the water! Which colorants should i look...
  2. Purplerain

    Colourant recommendations

    I'm about to order some supplies after unmolding my 4th batch. Just having so much fun! All is going pretty well and I want to start playing with colour. I'm going to order some micas, oxides etc. and wondered if anyone might have suggestions for a basic palette to begin with, of stuff that...
  3. thomasgable

    Oxides, Micas, and More Oh my!

    So I have used primarily oxides and ultramarines and feel confident I know how to use them for the color shade I want. That said, I would like to grab some micas that might add a bit more vibrance to my soap. However I have just been nervous about using them because I heard they tend to morph in...
  4. DameChatelaine

    I can't seem to make purple work! I need help!!

    I need help. (I am doing CP) I am using Crafters Choice™ Matte Lavender Pigment Powder. At 1st I added 1 tsp (straight powder) to my oils and it turned brown (even before I add fragrance). Then I watched a SoapQueenTV video where she mixed 1tsp to 1/3 cup of glycerin. She said you had...
  5. amanda_hughes

    just tried hanger swirl for the first time!!!

    I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes. I just tried the hanger swirl. I made a 2lb batch and split it up and colored one orange using turmeric and the other green with green oxide. They mixed up perfectly. I added tangerine fo to the orange half and peppermint to the green half. Then just...