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  1. lyschelw

    70% Off Organic Coconut Oil 76F - Overstock - Very Limited.

    We need to move cases of Coconut Oil 76F. Over-ordered. No room! There is a finite number and when they are gone they are gone at this deep discount. Discount is good on a case of Coconut Oil 76F Numbers are limited and sale will end when limit has been reached. Sorry, no rainchecks. If...
  2. GypsySoul

    Mica Powders Natural, organic, allergies?

    My daughter and I spent the weekend selling her soaps & products at a venue. A few booths down was another soaper. She was purely a M&P person. While we are not, that is not the issue. Her booth was loudly labelled as Organic and All Natural. Her soaps were vivid hues of blues, purples...
  3. lyschelw

    Little Sale for you. 5% off select bath and body

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to give this wonderful community a little something extra. 5% off on New products. Sale ends Tuesday April 30th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH2" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at...
  4. Holoi

    My first ever M&P attempt, recipe advice needed.

    Hello you lovely lot. As I'm more scientific and a bit OCD in the kitchen, I identified, a long time ago, I'd probably be better suited to soap making than food making. So yesterday I gave it a go and loved it. However the results were not perfect and I be grateful of some advice to get my...
  5. J

    Where to source Organic Beeswax?

    I'm looking for organic unbleached filtered beeswax that smells like honey. Anyone know where to get it at a reasonable price? Thanks!!
  6. N

    Lye discount. organic certification

    I've been soaping for 3 or so years now. For myself, my family, coworkers and my mates. I have someone whom has been using my soap and loves it. I don't sell it, its just thank you's, gifts and bartering material. (I'm careful, I'm slow and steadily moving towards awesomeness. I didn't just...
  7. joy.

    USDA certified organic soap?

    I was under the impression that soaps made with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide couldn't be certified organic, until I stumbled across this today:,977,547,0.htm Have the regulations changed, or am I missing...
  8. S

    Moisturising Organic Recipe

    Hi all, I am new to making CP soap (only 4 batches so far!) but I've been doing a lot of research and would like to use the following oils to develop a bar that is organic, moisturising, creamy (but still pretty cleansing, If that's possible). I've been playing around with SoapCalc and have...
  9. C

    Shampoo Bar tips for THICK HAIR

    My daughter has incredibly thick hair. Our hairdresser recommended a special kind of shampoo for "scalp treatment", just to make sure it cleans deep down to her scalp. Any tips on what I can add to my next shampoo bar batch to help with this? The soaps I make are all natural/organic-- I don't...
  10. S

    question about labeling melt and pour soap

    I have been making melt and pour soaps for about a year. I needed to quit my job to focus on my college studies full time. The soap making started out as a hobby but soon became a little money on the side. I already sold some soaps to family and friends but would like to start selling online...