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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Oozing fragrance oils on one side of soap

    Here are images of a 12-month old thick oat milk soap. I am assuming that the oozing is from 'Manzanilla' (aka chamomile) fragrance oil (by 'Mane', a Mexican company). What likely caused this? Outside of this odd look, the soaps are fine. How much of a turnoff can this oozing be potentially...
  2. Anstarx

    Liquid oozing out of wine soap

    I made a batch of wine soap 2 nights ago. It was made with cooked wine, full water (1:2.3). It has lots of soft oil but traced pretty fast, literally 3 bursts and some stirring after it's already a thin trace. I have my sodium lactate, FOs, red clay mixed with water in one beaker and stir it in...