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  1. R

    Lib Balm labels not sticking

    Hi! I use online labels (this specific label: 2.125" x 2.125" Lip Balm Labels with Perforated Tamper Evident Tab Seal - White Gloss Laser - OL1102WS ) on a plastic lip balm tube. My labels often peel off over time. Any advice on what to use to wipe off the tubes with before sticking the labels...
  2. Jerliesa

    Sticker Labels

    I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, y'all. I'm all out of can, my even is non existent. Online labels is killing me. I can't seem to get these labels to print right for anything. Everything is always off center and if I don't buy weatherproof paper they smudge and the...