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  1. scrubadubdub

    Coffee Butter from Brambleberry and SoapCalc.net

    Hello fellow soapmakers! I am new here, this is my first thread - yay! Anway, I want to make a coffee soap using coffee butter from Brambleberry.com. I use SoapCalc.net for every recipe because it is the most in-depth lye calculator I've found thus far. However, "coffee butter" is not listed on...
  2. H

    Newbie questions about calculating oil percentages

    I’m new to soapmaking and I currently have OO, sweet almond oil, castor oil, unrefined cocoa butter, CO (76 degree), palm oil, and one more I can’t think of right now. I’d like to make eczema soap (have colloidal oatmeal made in my blender) but I’m not sure how to learn how to properly...
  3. J

    Oil percentage, is this good?

    35% olive pomace oil 35% coconut oil 15% sweet almond oil 10% avocado oil 5% jojoba I know I should try first but just wanna know if this has an automatic "Kitten Love" reaction for master soapers out here :) Comment would be highly appreaciated. I want a really really great bar so no worries on the...