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  1. Karmic

    Trial By Fire - red mica test batch

    So a lot of people have been talking lately about suggestions for red micas for CP and of course, this new one from Nurture has come up quite a bit. Since I managed to get it in and many are curious about it I decided to do a test batch and post the results here for people to see. Look at...
  2. L

    Nurture Soap Frangrances

    First time shopping at Nurture for fragrances. Any recommendations?
  3. E

    Nurture soap supplies molds

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you professional soapmakers are using the nurture supplies wooden mold with sillicone liner. I got my eye on the 15 pound triple loaf mold. I'm just wondering if it would be harder to get a complete gel with it since the sillicone walls are heavy...