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  1. P

    Rebatching castile bar

    Hello everybody, hope you're all doing well! So I've never made soap before, and I don't have access to liquid castile soap, or a melt and pour, or lye. So can I melt a castile soap bar in a pan with water in it and then add lavender oil and vanilla extract to it?? Will this make a good soap...
  2. R

    Newbie to CP soap

    Hi everyone, I am new to Cp soap. I have few questions before starting my first soap, 1) I am planning to make a 1lb batch soap , Is the weight 1 lb , only the base oils ? or the total soap batter? 2) I have 10 inch silicone loaf mold 50oz capacity. I want to make 1lb batch with intricate...
  3. My first soap batch- Bartle Skeet

    My first soap batch- Bartle Skeet

    This is my first batch of soap ever! It's mountain Dew scented and I used Mad Micas Radioactive, Tennis Ball Breaker, and Phyllis Diller
  4. Ceara Mongan

    Hello beautiful soap makers

    This forum looks amazing!!! Thank you for having me I am a 37 year old single mumma from Suffolk, England. I have two beautiful teenage children, a german shepherd, cocker spaniel and three ragdoll cats. I have almost finished a university business degree and am currently working on my final...