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  1. Kcryss

    Newbie Lessons Learned!

    7 batches of soap under my belt! Yay! Hoping this will help other new soap makers. I still don't have it all figured out, but I think I'm getting closer! Lessons learned from this forum that you will not learn from anywhere else (ex: youtube :)) 1. Olive oil soaps, whether CP or HP need...
  2. M

    hey everyone

    hey there, im new to the forums but i thought this would be a good place for information and all that fun stuff. im not good at these things so ill leave it at that i guess have a great day!
  3. Lizayle

    Best Oils/Butters to Start With

    I've made 5 different batches so far and I know I used the same main ingredients for the last 3 (the first one I know I did something wrong because it's wildly different. I had beeswax, olive oil (EV - which I now know makes things yellow), shea butter and coconut oil. My breakdown has been...
  4. L

    Hi from Chicago IL !

    :-P hello my name is Lauren, Im from Chicago IL i literally started making soap yesterday. Im slightly scared, highly curious, and super excited. I have been interested in soap making for quite some time. I used to buy a lavender handmade soap from a shop near my, the woman who made it told me...
  5. NaturallyYou

    Quick Question

    I am new to soap making and made my first batch from scratch. It turned out great! The only thing is, I don't like the time you have to wait inbetween making it and using it (so the lye becomes non-toxic.) So now im looking into making soap from straight glycerin instead of lye/oil mixtures...