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  1. soap_phobia

    Is my e-mail visible?

    Hello! new member here interested in what you have to say about soap and stuff. One thing I would like to ask: Is the e-mail I entered when registering visible to you now, or in a google search? Best regards S.P.
  2. MayraAchar

    HI SoapMaking Forum! Hi to all! Saying hi from Argentina ;)

    Hi to everyone! My name is Mayra, i am starting a business of organic cosmetic in Argentina. I already create some soap bars, so now i am in process of spanding skills, and formulations, and add new products. I am from Argentina, Southamerica. I have 33 years old, and i am in the cosmetic...
  3. MalindaRN

    New to SMF!

    :) Hello from Texas! I'm close to Galveston, and it's humid! I've read bits & pieces from SMF ever since I started making bath & body products in 2017. I own a small homebased business. I only sell items (with recipes consistently made & tested) that I've used myself. My family is always...
  4. D

    Hello all from Missouri!

    So happy to find this site!
  5. Brit B

    Help with a new lotion bar/ bath melt experiment

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and so far it seems super helpful and wonderful, so I'm excited to start getting involved. I had a wild idea for this new product I want to make (I won't give too many details yet in case it ends up a failure!) The gist is that I need to create a lotion bar...
  6. Meena

    Hello from Denver - So new, I haven't even soaped yet :)

    Greetings! I am Meena, and soaping has been on my bucket list for 5 or 10 years (time flies). In a bookstore with my SO pre-Christmas, I saw an illustrated soap-making book and suggested it as a gift idea for me. Being the smart and clever SO that he is, what do you think Santa delivered...
  7. Carolyne Thrasher

    New member from Oregon

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I started soaping a few months ago. I’m a SAHM and full time caregiver to my parents. We own a house with a mother in law unit on almost 1/2 acre in town. I wanted to add a cottage biz to my many hats. Hoping to supplement hubbies income to pay for braces for the...
  8. Yolandi

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi All, My name is Yolandi and I just started a soap business from home, South Africa. I would love to extend it. I just love making all these beautiful products with my hands and love the feedback I get from customers after using the products. I actually started Soap making from a young...
  9. hipsdontlye

    Lurk Lurk Lurk + Question on Rules

    Hi folks, Just your friendly neighborhood lurker here. Been following you all for some time now, so it's time I introduce myself. I'm hipsdontlye... I like cats (and have 3), cooking, the outdoors, and of course, making soap. I currently make & sell soap among other things for work. Nice to...