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  1. L

    Liquid soap Chemistry - Neutralizing excess KOH with Citric Acid - - is it a 3:1 ratio even if citric acid is a weak acid?

    Hello! I am following Catherine Failor's process for making liquid soap, where you mix your oils with excess KOH to ensure that all the fatty acids are saponified, and then during the dilution phase, you add citric acid (or borax, or boric acid) to 'neutralize' the excess KOH. I am using...
  2. JillJ

    Neutralizing Liquid Soap - qts from a beginner

    Hello All, I've recently made my first batch of liquid soap following the paste method in Jackie Thompson's Liquid Soapmaking book using recipe #7 60% coconut oil soap with olive & castor oils. I've run across a couple of things that I found confusing and hope that one of you experts will be...