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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Borax vs 'Borate Decahydrate'

    I want to dilute and neutralize excess potassium hydroxide from liquid soap paste but can not currently access citric acid or 'borax' in my current location. People only sell a white substance labelled "Bórax Decahidratado" [or Borax Decahydrate in English]. Its ingredient list says: 99.9%...
  2. K

    Neutralizing liquid soap using other acids

    I am very new to soaping. Apologies if my question seems silly!! Is it possible to neutralize liquid soap using another acid, such as salicylic or glycolic?
  3. seven

    Alternatives to borax, boric acid

    I am about to try making liquid soap for the first time. I don't have borax or boric acid. I was wondering if i can use citric acid to neutralize it? Also, for first timer, which method is easiest? the normal method or glycerin (like soaping 101)? TIA