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  1. Jubilee8269

    Aid might have gotten me into trouble? Frustrating.

    I just started making melt and pour soap. My home health aid said she would help me out with testing it. Which I thought was great. She's been a gem so far helping me out with stuff. So I gave her a few bars so that she could test them. She said she liked them, and that she had her neighbors...
  2. Jubilee8269

    Big Plans. Overwhelmed at where to start.

    Not planning on starting a business per se. I'm on SSI and can't chance losing my insurance so that's not even really an option. What I wanted to do was start volunteering at a domestic violence shelter that helped me when I came to where I currently live, or maybe the local LGBT community...
  3. GrannyTidbits

    Hello! New here - appreciate advice.

    Hello. I have never made my own soap but have always wanted to. I found a lot of advice on how to buy soap and melt it to pour into molds but that is not what I am looking for! I appreciate your help on good resources for learning, books, YouTube, supplies, and where to buy them. I am only...
  4. Cameron

    Is this because of Titanium Dioxide ?

    On my last thread I had some problems with rivers due to my temperatures and what I thought was Titanium Dioxide. After lots of advice I re wrote my recipe and put it through a soap calculator. I did a water discount and lowered my temperatures and that seem to work. But my last batch i tried...