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    Nature's Garden FO Haul!

    My mom and I got a huge order in from Nature's Garden. It was such a big order that we decided to make a haul video Have any of you used any of these FOs? I read all the reviews before deciding & purchasing, but I was wondering what experiences...
  2. B

    Bite Me Fragrance by NG and FB

    I am absolutely in love with Nature's Garden version of Bite Me but recently I found the Fragrance Buddy version and was wondering how the two compared. Does the FB version stick around through CP soap? Does it smell similar to the NG version? Does it discolor any differently...
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    Who is your favorite supplier for essential oils, fragrance oils, raw products etc?

    Wholesale Supplies Plus(WSP) Bulk Apothecary Nature's Garden Brambleberry Essential Depot
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    Nature's Garden vs WSP?

    Thinking about switching from WSP (wholesalesuppliesplus) fragrance oils to Nature's Garden oils but I'm a little nervous about how they compare. I know WSP isn't top of the line, I just want to be sure NG isn't worse. They are MUCH cheaper and my husband is worried about the "you get what you...