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  1. Savage Daughter

    Make infusing oils, alcohol, butters & water less of a PITA ❤️

    I have been going through all of my equipment, colorants etc in preparation for full-on soap making for this year. I take a bit of a break during the winter as I don't do markets & I don't do seasonal-type designs for the most part. Just not something I enjoy. Anyways, as I was going through my...
  2. victrix

    Question about alkanet root powder..

    So I bought some alkanet root powder for soap a couple years ago, but never ended up using it. It's completely unopened, and has been stored away from sunlight in a cool location. I'm trying to use it in an infusion, but I'm honestly not sure now if this is even alkanet root at all? Everything...
  3. Savage Daughter

    Newly joined - soapmaker in a previous life LOL

    Hello to everyone, Thought it might be a good idea to join this forum as I'm about to jump back into soapmaking - boxes of supplies being delivered daily now - which I got into in the mid-90s before I took a left turn & ended up doing corporate IT work. I loved soapmaking, lived, ate & breathed...
  4. Wooden Wick

    Meet The Wooden Wick Co. - a marketplace for all your SUPER SOAP SUPPLIES!

    Looking for elevated, eco-friendly soap making supplies? Check out our Makers Marketplace where you’ll find everything you need to make one-of-a-kind, all-natural, nourishing hand and body soaps. Our luxury Melt + Pour Soap Bases are filled with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients, and...
  5. Vicki C

    Lichens for colorants

    Hi all, I have started down another rabbit hole of soap colorants (maybe) and have been collecting lichens from my woods to experiment. A search for lichens in this forum lead me to this article which led me to other...
  6. ShelbbyLeighh

    Indigo powder is green?

    Good morning, I experimented with Indigo Powder for the 1st time yesterday in my cold process swirl soap. My indigo powder is a very mossy, earthy green. I kind of thought maybe it would change to a blueish color as the soap hardened, but this morning it is still quite green. Anyone experience...
  7. Zing

    Coloring with cocoa powder?

    I just made soap colored with cocoa powder and it's a beautiful brown. I am impatient waiting to test it in 3 weeks and have questions for the forum. Does it turn lather or washcloth brown? Does it have a scent? I can't really smell cocoa, just the peppermint essential oil I used. I used 2...
  8. deadken123

    Navy Blue Soap

    Hey guys,first time poster and long time watcher of SMF. I'm making soap for a local boutique hotel. Their logo color is a deep navy blue.I make CP soap and try to use only natural colorants,but I cannot think of any way to make this color.Any advice would be awesome.
  9. Thyacine Increment Stripes

    Thyacine Increment Stripes

    Stripes, made and poured one at a time.
  10. serene_caprine

    Sandalwood Powder

    Hello! A reeeeeally long time ago I purchased a stash of all natural soap colorants. One of these was called "red sandalwood powder" but it looked really orange... think the skin of a naval orange type-of-orange. I read briefly about sandalwood turning soap red, maroon, or purple-ish. I am...
  11. J

    natural colorants

    Hello! This is my first post in the forum, and I need some guidance. I have been making soap for only about 2 months, and I have made both CPOP and HP soaps. I purchased some natural colorants that I would like to use in my soaps, but I don't know how/when to use them. I am planning on making...