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  1. Dblondi03

    How to enhance scent in body butter?

    Hi everyone! so I started making body butters Everyone who works with me at my regular 9-5 job tried my body butters and like them, however, I add a lot of fragrance oil/ essential oil to get that yummy scent when lid is opened But! Once you apply to your skin, less than 5 minutes the scent...
  2. Danielle_WM

    Bath Salts/Bombs-> Has anyone tried these Polysorbate 80 substitutes?

    Hello, I am not scared of ingredients like polysorbate 80 or Cromollient SCE, but I do like to add new or less common ingredients to my products. Experimenting is fun! Has anyone used these products to disperse oils, EOs, and colorants like micas in bath water (for salts, bombs, and bath...