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  1. T


    Ha S anyone seen silicone soap molds that are shaped like quilt blocks? I’ve seen soaps done that way. Belong to quilt guild and would like to make some as gift
  2. Loni S

    Soap Molds!!! Changing it up...

    Hi all, My first post on here (thanks for having me!). I've been making CP soap for about 2 years now and am addicted 😍 I'm hoping for a different look/size for my bars so am thinking of changing up my soap mold (my current mold is pictured here). Before my husband makes one for me, I have...
  3. bbr

    For Craft’s Sake #25 Block mold

    Hello all, We’ve had a lot of luck with this mold and enjoy using it as it saves boatloads of time for us. However, I really hate dealing with petroleum jelly to adhere the Mylar and seal the corners. Has anyone discovered any alternate tricks? If not, how do you most effectively clean the...
  4. P

    Releasing soap from PvC mold?

    I made my first hot process and failed to line it, because I was afraid the glopping down 2 feet of tube (way way too big) would bend the liner and defeat the purpose, and I didn't have mineral oil. Now it seems to be permanently stuck lol I do have it in my deep freeze, after an hour saw a tiny...
  5. JuneP

    Need help unmolding my first CP soap. It's stuck!

    It's been 48 hours so I uncovered my oval, silicone, guest soap mold to un-mold the soaps. The top is firm, color nice quiet peach from the rose clay, and it smell good from the Nag Champa; but I can't get it out of the mold!. I inverted it and pressed all around the bottom figuring it would...