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  1. N

    Basic Facial Cream / Moisturizer Recipe (First post!)

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I'm scouring the Internet for a very basic lotion/cream recipe but I am coming up short. I am hoping to make it with aloe and shea butter. (Very advanced, I know XD) All I need to know is how many cups of carrier oils, aloe, shea butter, and emulsifying wax I would...
  2. Purplerain

    I have been waiting for this moment!

    Oil of Olay bottle finally empty! Yahoo! So, today I tried making a moisturizer for daily use on my 66 (barely) year old skin. I was aiming for non-pore clogging, as un-greasy as as possible, small (1 4 oz. jar) batch, just for me. The end result was pretty, filled 1 1/2 4 oz. jars, probably...
  3. I

    Tutorial - How to make a lotion cream moisturiser

    Comprehensive tutorial on how to make a lotion cream moisturizer - covers equipment, ingredients, recipes for different skin types etc Enjoy!