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  1. Wendy90292

    Diffusion of micas question

    You know how Ann Marie talks about diffusing X tsp of mica in X T of some kind of oils, often sweet almond? When I am using a NON-Brambleberry recipe, I don't know how to decide whether I should... Use a portion of the lightest oil already included in the recipe to dissolve Add a portion in a...
  2. DianaMoon

    Using a Paint Mixer

    Hello everyone, Suddenly I got the urge to make soap and a week later, after reading like crazy and getting over my fear of lye, I'll be taking the plunge. The only concern I have is mixing to trace. I get bored easily & I won't have the patience to do it manually. I've got a drill with variable...
  3. C

    Soy wax melts

    I'm currently using Ecosoya PB to make my wax melts. I was wondering if anyone on here uses this mixed with GW464? If so what ratio do you use?
  4. CelestaMoon

    Oil Separation

    Hi, I just finished making some dipped loofah Cp soap. After i dipped the loofah in the soap i placed them on some wax paper. i am now seeing some oil around the loofahs on the wax paper. The soap came together great, saw no separation and it was in the bowl for quit awhile as i was dipping so...