mixed shortening


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  1. J

    Does EDTA make a soap feel less harsh?

    I have made soap with a hardness level of 60, cleansing #27, conditioning only 35, bubbly 32, creamy 38, INS 179. I added EDTA for the first time ever, and although I only made it a few days ago, it does not feel very harsh to me. (I usually feel the need to use hand cream shortly after washing...
  2. J

    Tallow/canola oil mixed shortening -Sunspun brand

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has used a mixed shortening, comprised of beef tallow and canola oil. I have SUNSPUN brand, and cannot seem to get an answer on percentages of beef/canola that are in it. Does anyone have an idea of what I should enter it as in the soap calculators? Also, has anyone used...