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  1. Wendy90292

    Soap Making Boo-Boo

    Alas! In my six years of less-than-illustrious amateur soap making adventures, I realized that the thing I like least is cleaning up everything when the fun is over and while, in theory, my lovely CP is entering into gel phase. I clean up unwillingly, often the next day. After all, I reason, it...
  2. R

    Help! White streaks/spots in soap

    Hello everyone! I’ve been making soap for a few months now, and I keep getting batches with white spots on them. I think it’s either titanium dioxide or kaolin clay. Any ideas? How can I prevent it in the future? Thanks In advance!
  3. cmzaha

    Goof Up Again... Humbug

    I do not know where my brain is these days. Even my hubby tells me I make to many mistakes when batching up my soap. :( But as I tell him I can fix it, that is what counts. I was batching up a couple of buckets of my Vegan recipe, that went fine. I also batched up a batch of my Shea Facial soap...
  4. Willyd

    Under Cooked HP Soap

    A year ago I made my very first batch of soap and everything went perfectly! (yeah). So just yesterday, I grabbed all my equipment from the basement, found an online soap calculator and went to work on another batch. Thing is, once I hit the trace stage with a temperature of around 125F I poured...
  5. inkyfingers

    Sweet mistake. Can I fix this?

    I made soap a few days ago, adding some sugar to boost bubbles. Usually, I use honey because it seems a lot more wholesome to me - but just this once, I thought I'd be really cool and use sugar. And then the next day, I used some of the crumbs for washing my hands. Wow, so gritty! And now my...
  6. M

    My soap exploded in the mold??

    Hello.. I made 4lbs of Gingerbread Pumpkin soap tonight. I poured half into a 2lb mold that I've used several times before with no issue and the other half into a cardboard box lined with parchment paper. I checked on it 25 mins after pouring into molds and the cardboard box mold soap looked...
  7. JessieD

    Botched First Batch?

    Walk with me down the path of my first soap making experience long, long ago…..last monday. <gig> Ok…I had done what I thought was a sufficient amount of research to step into the world of soap making instead of hovering around the edges looking in. There were a few things that I did right...