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  1. C


    Hi everyone. I just started infusing different oils and I am having a few problems I tried googling but got nowhere. I used Coconut oil + DRIED mint leaves, double boiler low heat for about 4-6 hours. Strained it, canned it. It has been sitting in the mason jar for about 8 hours now and I...
  2. Keaton

    Liquid Menthol in CP

    I bought a bottle of Liquid Menthol from SaveonScents (product id 203758; I'd link it, but its not listed right now, and I bought it on clearance so maybe it never will). Does anyone else have experience with this product or a similar one? I love cooling menthol products, and I want to...
  3. scott312

    Rosemary Mint

    Hello everyone. I have not make my first batch of soap yet. I am looking for a Rosemary Mint CP recipe. Just want a plan bar soap. No hard herbs or vegetation added :) Just the oils for flavor :) something like that I guess. Thank you
  4. D

    Minty minty minty!

    So there's a fairly big variety of mints out there. But there are what? The big three? Spearmint, Peppermint, and does Wintergreen count? My problem is, with those three, I can imagine tastes but not smells. I often see Peppermint used for candy or baked goods-themed soaps, and Spearmint often...