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  1. RomanyStar

    Microwave exploded. Am I alone?

    This is the second microwave in 6 weeks to ‘explode’ (the side light inside ignited straight away after starting the power), both microwaves were the same make & model. I put nothing metal inside. Has anyone else had an issue? I can’t imagine it being the soap but I’m unsure.
  2. H

    Aggravated with M&P goat's milk

    I've tried using Stephenson's goat milk m&p twice now and so far hating it. Heated in micro using short 30 second bursts but goes thick before I can pour effectively in mold. I am aware of temp at 145 F best for pouring but it cools down way too fast. Would double boiler method give me more...
  3. ForTheDogs

    Double boiler vs Micowave

    I've not used a microwave for any of the soaps (all melt and pour, obviously), but what are the benefits of a microwave over double-boiling, other than speed? I'm open to suggestion, but I just don't see how a microwave can trump seeing, stirring, and checking your soaps the whole time...