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  1. madde hughes

    Purple micas…

    Hi guys. I am struggling very much to get a vibrant shade of purple in my CP recipes. I’ve used TD to turn the batch white first and then added my dispersed mica mixtures. I use the ratio of 1 teaspoon of mica to 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil. I have used any different CP recipes and I...
  2. goat soap rulz!

    Best colorants for CP soap?

    Hey yall! It's me again! I recently got into coloring soap, but have been making soap for 3 ish years. And I have found it extremely overwhelming to find colorants... I got the royal upgrade from mad micas, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, but the TD wasn't very pigmented. I have used almost all...
  3. Halibaal

    Mad micas sizes?

    I think this is the best place to ask, but if anyone has a fairly broad range of Madmicas could they do me a favor? I am having a hard time visualizing their products for the purpose of knowing just how much it is i need to buy. Would folks be willing to line up their various sizes of mad mica...
  4. McLasz

    Mica, FO & Vanilla Stabilizer Questions?

    Hi All- I'm new to this forum and to soap making, and like so many others I have watched a year of videos (at a rather obsessive rate), and read and taken notes on all of the books that people have recommended, and I think I am now ready to try my first batch. I have all of the things I need to...
  5. K

    Soap Slippery and Mica Particles??

    Hello, Ok - I am VERY new to all of this. I actually by experience am a card maker - but my paper crafting led me to party favors which led me to a request for soap for a baby shower. So I purchased melt and pour soap (Shea Butter) and some essential oil and some Mica for coloring. First...
  6. A

    New To Everything!

    So I've been researching soap making and bath bombs for about a year now and I finally made my first successful batch of CP soap! I've been really drawn to bath bombs and I want to make richly colored bath bombs that won't stain the tub(AT ALL) but color the water! Which colorants should i look...
  7. Purplerain

    Colourant recommendations

    I'm about to order some supplies after unmolding my 4th batch. Just having so much fun! All is going pretty well and I want to start playing with colour. I'm going to order some micas, oxides etc. and wondered if anyone might have suggestions for a basic palette to begin with, of stuff that...
  8. thomasgable

    Oxides, Micas, and More Oh my!

    So I have used primarily oxides and ultramarines and feel confident I know how to use them for the color shade I want. That said, I would like to grab some micas that might add a bit more vibrance to my soap. However I have just been nervous about using them because I heard they tend to morph in...
  9. M

    Looking for good affordable colors.

    Was wondering if any of you know of any good sites where I can find affordable colors for soaps. Or any sellers on etsy you recommend?