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  1. StormyK

    When (how) to use citric acid?

    Okay, so my understanding is that including citric acid at approximately a 2% ratio can help with lather in hard water (which we most definitely have), can help reduce soap scum, and - to a lesser degree - may assist in preventing DOS... I've even got the math for replacing the lye that will be...
  2. BattleGnome

    Beer Soap

    I'm jumping into making my first beer soap. I plan on using my usual soap recipe and upping the sf a bit. My question is about the beer prep. I plan on using Dragon's Milk, a stout from New Holland Brewing Co, and my husband keeps critiquing my explinations of getting the beer to go flat. I...
  3. R

    Super-fatting - what it is and how to do it appropriately

    I'm kind of confused about how superfatting is calculated and done. I've seen lye calculators that have an area to input SF % and then amounts of oil (in % - must equal 100). So if you want to make 5% SF and you want 35% CO, 35% OO and 25% lard, 5% castor, & you plan to use 500grams of oil...