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  1. Christopher C.

    Adding extra oil & melting soap base without microwave/crock pot

    Hello. I'm new to soap making. I would like to do this as a hobby and hopefully something I can earn from. :) I have a few questions though, please help me with these: 1. Can I add a half-liter of coconut oil to a 1 liter of glycerine soap base? (For extra lather and quantity). 2. I live in a...
  2. DoraTina

    How can I make my soap harder, so it won't melt so easy?

    I've been looking for a post which address this issue of my soap melting so easy when someone uses my soap. My question is what can I use I use SL in my soap, is there something I'm missing?
  3. MindBodyGarden

    Palm Oil

    Hi Everyone I have been a follower of this forum for some time and just decided to jump in and sign up, so HELLO!! I've been soaping for about year (read up and about it for a year or so BEFORE that), and I just recently realized I may need some more help... I recently heard that I...
  4. H

    What temp melts a plastic mold?

    I guess I have to find a temp gadget because the melt and pour soap melted all 4 of the molds. What temp should it be so it doesn't melt anything else? Thanks for your help! Heather