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  1. RedLance'sApoth

    Additives to create Opacity?

    Hello! I'm working with Essentials by Catalina's Artisanal Sulfate Free Glycerin Soap base. After a few experiments, I'm realizing that I would prefer the bars be more opaque. I'm wondering if the collective wisdom here has any ideas about what I could add to achieve this? I'd prefer to stay...
  2. N

    Rebatching, refined afriacan black soap.

    Hi all. I have bought some refined African black soap. (It looks like a brick) I’ve tried melting it in a broiler. No joy. I’ve microwaved it, it didn’t melt, just smoked and stank the house out. How do I melt it down so I can pour it? Ive Heard it’s hard to melt but this just seems...
  3. Nan D.

    Very New

    Hi, I'm Nan from Arizona. I just started making melt and pour soaps yesterday. I ordered 2 lbs of pifito base from Amazon and have already used it all :) This is going to be an adventure!October m&p by Nan D. posted Oct 20, 2018 at 12:40 AM
  4. A

    Hot Process Re-Melt Before Pour

    I'm curious if anyone has ever tried to turn up the heat at the tail end of hot process, just prior to the "pour?" The purpose would be to melt it fully before going into the mold in order to get a clean, smooth finish on the finished bar. I'm assuming this wouldn't work with certain...
  5. ForTheDogs

    Fridge or room temperature for setting?

    After pouring M&P, is it preferable to let the soap harden at room temperature, or use the fridge? I know some folk pop their molds into the fridge to help it along, but I've seen many videos of folks that leave them out at room temperature. Is one better than another?
  6. R

    first soap- it melts to liquid when microwaved

    hi, i love this forum and finally got around to making my own soap. i faced 3 major challenges: the first batch-when i made it, it froze on me too quick before i could mold it. so i micriwaved it to melt and re-mold. but its melted to a liquid rather than a creamy texture(i read a soap never...
  7. bridgetmoon

    Bath Melt Problem!! lol

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since i been on here but i been working on bath melts lately and the problem is, they're made from: Shea Butter Coconut Oil Palm Oil Lavender Oil + Lavender Seeds and liquid dye. So I popped them in the fridge as per usual. Took them out, thought i'd leave them...