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  1. M

    Can you use a beer brewing pot for melt and pour?

    I am looking to increase the amount of mp soap I make and looking for a pot with a spigot. I didn't know if you could use a beer brewing pot.
  2. RatsBatsCats

    Am I Melting Enough?

    I made my second batch of MP tonight, and it seems like I'm not melting it enough. I'm doing it in short bursts, but there still seems to be spots in it of unmelted soap. I'm afraid of burning it though, any tips?
  3. JuneP


    I'm another newbie. I was going to make my first soap today (melt and pour), but checking my powder colorants, it seems that the most of my Crafters Choice colors will fade in 3 weeks! That won't work. I only have two colors (Brambleberry that I assume don't have that problem); but I want a...