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  1. Jubilee8269

    First order of melt and pour base looks weird

    I just got my first order of melt and pour bases ever. I ordered three different kinds of detergent free from wholesale supply plus. The clear, she butter and aloe and olive. All of them have arrived looking like someone had lathered the tops and then smashed the lids down on the bubbles, and...
  2. I

    Adding Sodium Lactate to Melt and Pour Base

    Hi, Does anyone make transparent melt and pour base here? If yes have u tried adding sodium lactate to the base. Does it affect the clarity of the soap?
  3. K


    I've read that you can't add zest to melt and pour because it will mold. But ppl seem to add it to glycerin melt and pour. Any advice?
  4. CookbookChef

    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    I was having a discussion at a local craft fair with fellow soap makers. On the left side of the room they had a stand up with M&P Soaps, Lovely indeed...But the Price they listed was exactly the same price as the Cold Process Soap stand right next to them. The Cold Process Soap people felt...
  5. S

    New Zealander looking for local Suppliers

    Hi, I am a brand new baby to M&P soap making who hopes to embark on CP one day when confident enough. In the mean time I am finding it difficult to find a supplier at a good price without having to go through Australia. I have a found a number of suppliers here who either sell bases with SLS...