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  1. T

    A question regarding SoapCalc and measuring out your oils

    So I want to see if I'm understanding something correctly, I hope you all can help me out here When you're trying to calculate how much oil you'll need for a mold, you take your mold measurements and multiply length X width X height, and then multiply that number by .40. I understand that the...
  2. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  3. Kila

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    This might be a really dumb question sorry in advance... 1. Do you use fluid ounces (versus regular ounces) when making soap? 2. Do you work with ounces or grams? I would like to work in grams but my scale doesnt show the decimal points (ie. 120.2 g) instead it would just show 120 grams. Would...
  4. S

    Scents to add to Soy Wax?

    Hello, I'm new to making candles and wanted to make some as Christmas gifts to my family. I'm having some difficulty with the math. I want to make twenty-four 12oz candles in the basic quilted-design glass Jelly jars. (I'm always super ambitious about my crafts, haha) But on this forum I...