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  1. K

    lye ratio, masterbatching and embeds?

    Hi guys, i have some questions about lye and masterbatching in regards to soap embeds ☻ I always use lye at a 2:1 ratio for a 32oz batch of soap using soap calc and adjusting the lye ratio and then getting my oil values etc. not sure why do this but I believe it was the ratio used in my first...
  2. AliOop

    Master-batching lye

    I'm about to try master-batching, have read through tons of threads here, and still have some questions that I didn't see addressed elsewhere (if they have been, please indulge me anyway). 1. I'm assuming most of you don't create that master-batch in your storage container. Most of those have...
  3. KimT2au

    Question about master batch lye volume and storage

    Hi all I would like to master batch my lye but am not sure how to calculate the final volume. If, for example, I bought a 2ltr (2kg) bottle of distilled water and dissolved 2kg of lye in it, it would clearly not all fit back into the 2ltr bottle the distilled water came in, what would the...
  4. A

    Can I masterbatch KOH + glycerin?

    I've been using the glycerin method, and I love how foolproof it's been for us! I'm wondering if I could just masterbatch a KOH+glycerine mixture (1:3 dilution). Has anyone tried it before? Do you know how long I can keep it for before something goes wrong with the solution? What kind of...