master batching


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  1. AliOop

    Master-batching lye

    I'm about to try master-batching, have read through tons of threads here, and still have some questions that I didn't see addressed elsewhere (if they have been, please indulge me anyway). 1. I'm assuming most of you don't create that master-batch in your storage container. Most of those have...
  2. R

    Where to find high-temp HDPE? For master batching lye water?

    I just read in Kenna Cole's (wonderful) ebook on master batching that HDPE is best for lye water because it holds up excellently. I also just checked an MSDS on lye and it confirms HDPE is best (for airtight storage). Do you know of any high-temp-safe HDPE buckets? For purposes of mixing...