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  1. LittleSis

    Inexpensive Master Batched Lye Tank?

    Hello fellow soapers! I’ve been master batching my lye for a few years and love it! I’ve been looking for a storage tank that won’t break the bank and I may have found one, but wanted to get your thoughts on it. It’s actually a beer making boiler, but it’s capacity Is 9 gallons (so really 7.5 or...
  2. S

    How do I use masterbatched ingredients?

    I am very new to soap-making. I more or less follow the cold process but I heat my oils to 160-170F and hold them at temp on an induction range while I mix my lye. I read somewhere that the oils and lye should be within a 10-15F degree range of each other so I mix them at 160-170F, remove it...
  3. AliOop

    Master-batching lye

    I'm about to try master-batching, have read through tons of threads here, and still have some questions that I didn't see addressed elsewhere (if they have been, please indulge me anyway). 1. I'm assuming most of you don't create that master-batch in your storage container. Most of those have...
  4. KimT2au

    Question about master batch lye volume and storage

    Hi all I would like to master batch my lye but am not sure how to calculate the final volume. If, for example, I bought a 2ltr (2kg) bottle of distilled water and dissolved 2kg of lye in it, it would clearly not all fit back into the 2ltr bottle the distilled water came in, what would the...
  5. DianaMoon

    Storing Master Batches

    I made a sort of mini-master batch (700G of water) which I have in two old yogurt containers, one inside the other, covered. As long as I don't bother it, I assume that lye is stable. Amirite? Where you do you store this?
  6. X

    Master batch/ Re-batching?

    What would be the downside if any to making a large batch of soap letting it saponify then use it as if it were similar to melt and pour and just rebatch in a crockpot a pound or two at a time with the mica and scent added to the crockpot. From what I've read it takes less fragrance though I...