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    Hello From Alabama!

    Hi, I go by CrafterAl. Just joined in today. I live and work on a small farm, about 50 acres. We garden seriously and keep cattle and a dozen or so registered Nubian dairy goats. I've been making soap off and on for about 15 years. My specialty is milk soap. Have made a bit over 35,000...
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    Little help for where to start selling

    Can you help me choose regarding the best niche market for my future soap business? I'm thinking of choosing from one or more of the following markets: 1. local eBay market 2. Events giveaways 3. Hotels and Resorts (there's lots of resorts near our place) My current skills and...
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    I was wondering if anyone can suggest a company for printing generic company labels. I had a friend who is a graphic designer create a logo for me, and I have been printing the small avery labels with the Scent of the soap and the ingredient list, but was wanting a more professional looking...