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    Rebatching, refined afriacan black soap.

    Hi all. I have bought some refined African black soap. (It looks like a brick) I’ve tried melting it in a broiler. No joy. I’ve microwaved it, it didn’t melt, just smoked and stank the house out. How do I melt it down so I can pour it? Ive Heard it’s hard to melt but this just seems...
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    White patches on candle

    Hi all, I wanted help with this problem i am facing in candle making. I'm getting white spots and uneven coloring in my candle. I use wax by scrapping from normal household candles; crayons for coloring; aroma and pour into glass jars. The coloring is even initially but after leaving overnight...
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    Gobstopper soap

    Hi everyone, I would like to make a gobstopper soap, meaning a soap that’s round and has many layers just like a gobstopper. How do I make this happen? Every feedback is appreciated as this is quite important to me! (Its for a school project)