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    Please help! Lye pockets maybe?!

    I have made close to 200 bars of soap for a market I have this weekend. My soap molds are small and only make 16 bars so if you do the math I have made about 12 loaves of soap. Every single soap loaf has lye pockets in it, I think. They are these white blobs in my soap that leak glycerin. The...
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    New soap maker worried about lye pockets

    Hi I just made my first batch of Hot Process soap in crockpot. The recipe called for %100 coconut oil with a 20% SF... So the lye/water was 12oz H2O and just under 4oz NaOH...used about 30 to 32 oz of 76 degree coconut oil...it traced after about 10 minutes or less...it was heating in the...
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    Lye Pockets/Rebatching Advice

    Hello and Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer! I made my first yogurt soap a couple of weeks ago, and long story short, I'm pretty sure there were a few very small undissolved lye flakes in my yogurt and water solution (they were frozen). I believe I just discovered a very small lye...
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    Are these oil or maybe lye (!?) pockets? (photo)

    Hi Fellow Soapmakers, I’m fairly new to soap making and this is my 5th soap. I was hoping that some experienced and friendly soap makers could help me in identifying (and avoiding in future) the main problem with my soap - semi transparent pockets of something that looks like melt and pour...
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    Lye Pockets?

    Hi All, We are new to the forum, but have used its threads for trouble-shooting in the past. It's a wonderful resource, so we just wanted to first say thanks to everyone that administrates and contributes! The reason for this thread is to share an issue that we had with a recent batch...