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  1. Kila

    Basic Recipes for a Newbie?

    Here's a little bit of background before I jump to my questions. I currently have a mold that holds 32 ounces of oils, something small and suitable for a newbie like me. I started with the cheaper, common oils being olive pomace, coconut and castor. I also have cocoa butter pastilles on deck. I...
  2. Kila

    Determining LC & super fat percentages

    I am going to use 40% for my LC and 4% superfats. What would tweaking with these numbers do? What does a higher or lower superfat percentage do? And if I wanted to use 33% LC like many other people, what would be the biggest difference as opposed to 40? Thanks.
  3. ParadiseFarm

    Goat Milk soap - Milk as % of oils or lye conc?

    Hi, I've been making goat milk soap using 38% of the oils as my milk amount. I've been doing reading on using lye concentration instead. I was using 38% of the oils as the amount because I figured goat milk is actually an ingredient for me and I want there to be lots of it. I do the frozen...
  4. JuneP

    What lye concentration do you use?

    I've been designing recipes based on water as % of oil weight in the Soap Calc; but I've been reading here in the forum how many soapers use the lye concentration number instead. So, I'm putting the question out "what lye concentration number do you use". My first soaps were done with 38...