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  1. W

    Lye calc confusion for Liquid Soap

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here and I have tried out a few CP, HP, solid and liquid soaps. Now I'm ready to share with friends and family and maybe sell eventually. :):):) I am forever confused with Lye calculators since each gives a different result. I'm trying to make a small...
  2. T

    YASC - Yet Another Soap Calculator

    I'm really not sure where to post this, but since the sticky for the calculators is here, I figured this is where I should. I also added a post to the Calculator thread, as I would like to submit it, but would like to talk a little more about it. Currently, it is code-named: Project YASC (Yet...
  3. amanda_hughes

    curious about my recipes

    I just read Soap/Lye Calculator: a guide. And now I'm worried about my recipes. Ok not so much worried but curious. For the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to use the soapcalc. I use the MMS The Sage lye calculator. Could someone please run my recipes thru the soapcalc for me? I would greatly...