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    lye ratio, masterbatching and embeds?

    Hi guys, i have some questions about lye and masterbatching in regards to soap embeds ☻ I always use lye at a 2:1 ratio for a 32oz batch of soap using soap calc and adjusting the lye ratio and then getting my oil values etc. not sure why do this but I believe it was the ratio used in my first...
  2. O

    CPSR lye concentration

    Hello I recently sent off my recipes to be tested with and received an email back stating that my water should be twice that of my lye. I use a 35% lye concentration which I perceived to be within the safe range for a water discounted soap. I used soapcalc to...
  3. K

    Another question about Lye amount

    Would someone explain, as to a child , about what are the consequences of different lye amounts. I made a soap, for example, with lye:water at 2.5:1, and some at 33%. How does the lye amount affect the product? Does less water matter? Are there cases where less or more water is needed? Seems...