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    Adding Citric Acid Last- Lush Bath Bomb Technique?

    Every bath bomb or bubble bar recipe that I have ever made involves mixing your well blended dry ingredients with your oils/fragrance/poly80 or wet ingredients. Today I came across an old article in Marie Claire with photos from a Lush tour. They included photos of an employee making bath bombs...
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    Tonka bean/oil

    Has anybody used Tonka beans as a fragrance! I love the smell from lush in there twilight range! But Iv looked at buying the oil in the UK and can't find it or its too expensive! I'm wondering if I can use the beans to make a fragrance would it work?
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    Does anyone make the Bubble Bars?

    I have been making bubble bars over and over and trying to come up with the right recipe.. It seems they look great and then they crumble and crack. I don't know what can help them from crumbling and cracking. It is more for the presentation part of it. The product is good. I use the SLSA...