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  1. J

    My Version of LUSH Outback Mate Soap

    Hey, I am since few days about to work on my first Soap that looks like the Outback Mate Soap from Lush. There are couple of Tutorials about it, but nobody made it with Glycerin and Transparent like Lush. Because they changed some things about here recipe, I have to ask for your help. My...
  2. E

    Adding Citric Acid Last- Lush Bath Bomb Technique?

    Every bath bomb or bubble bar recipe that I have ever made involves mixing your well blended dry ingredients with your oils/fragrance/poly80 or wet ingredients. Today I came across an old article in Marie Claire with photos from a Lush tour. They included photos of an employee making bath bombs...
  3. N

    Tonka bean/oil

    Has anybody used Tonka beans as a fragrance! I love the smell from lush in there twilight range! But Iv looked at buying the oil in the UK and can't find it or its too expensive! I'm wondering if I can use the beans to make a fragrance would it work?
  4. T

    Does anyone make the Bubble Bars?

    I have been making bubble bars over and over and trying to come up with the right recipe.. It seems they look great and then they crumble and crack. I don't know what can help them from crumbling and cracking. It is more for the presentation part of it. The product is good. I use the SLSA...