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  1. I

    Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturiser recipe

    I was fortunate to speak to the cosmetic chemist who created Sucragel at SCS Formulate last week and picked up some formulating tips ....Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturizer recipe :- http://makingskincare.com/2013/11/20/quick-no-heat-lotion/
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    After many requests, I finally got round to writing an in-depth article on preservatives (incl "natural" & "Ecocert"). Hope you will find it informative:- www.makingskincare.com/preservatives/
  3. I

    Tutorial - How to make a lotion cream moisturiser

    Comprehensive tutorial on how to make a lotion cream moisturizer - covers equipment, ingredients, recipes for different skin types etc http://makingskincare.com/how-to-make-a-lotioncream-part-1-equipment-and-ingredients/ Enjoy!
  4. Raven

    Best Selling Lotion Scents

    This is my first post, I'm not great at introducing myself, so I'm going right into asking questions. I'm starting to make some lotions, hoping to make some good quality lotion to be able to sell. My question is, what lotion scents do you like the best or which scents have you had the best luck...
  5. Mommysoaper

    Bottle help please

    Not sure if this is the best spot for this, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for bottle suppliers? I would like to package body wash and hand lotion with hopefully coordinating bottles. I like the idea of Malibu bottles for lotion and a regular round/oval bottle with pump maybe for...
  6. H

    Labels for Lotion

    Hello, I am wondering which labels will work best for 8oz bottles. And where the best/cheapest place is to get them. I have an inkjet printer and have read about using clear coat over them so the ink doesn't run. Any suggestions? TIA
  7. AngelMomma

    Geek me on Solid/Liquid Lotions

    I have dry skin and so do some friends and family members. I sometimes use a commercial lotion. But lately I have been using a lip balm I made 8-) (Its got great things in it!) or I will just use a dab of plain Shea Butter. I do TONS of Gardening which abuses my skin PROFUSELY!!! Hands...
  8. H

    Anyone who sells lotion using a base? Newbie that needs advice!

    I am going to start selling Organic Lotion, and I am starting out using a base and will be adding fragrance. I have been doing some research because this is all new to me, I will selling in 8oz bottles and with my cost of everything I will have about 3.50 into each bottle. I am seeing retail...
  9. T

    Emulsifying wax vs beeswax

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and this will be my first post. Maybe a little controversial of a topic for some of you, but I am a medical marijuana patient and I apply the use of marijuana concentrated oils into balms/gels for therapeutic use. It is great for pain, and does not get you "high"...