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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Facial moisturizer: choosing base oils & usage rates of EOs like tea tree oil

    Is there some way, like looking at the fatty acid profile to calculate or otherwise know the levels of absorption of different oils? ... Alternatively, is there a website with comparative scores on key characteristics like absorption, clean feeling, etc? If not, which is a faster absorbing oil...
  2. F

    A few specific questions on lotion bars

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this and to this forum, so I apologize if I come off the wrong way or if this is the wrong category. I want to make lotion bars and I've done a good amount of research, but I'm coming up short on a few specific things. I have an idea for what oils to use (grapeseed...
  3. Brit B

    Help with a new lotion bar/ bath melt experiment

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and so far it seems super helpful and wonderful, so I'm excited to start getting involved. I had a wild idea for this new product I want to make (I won't give too many details yet in case it ends up a failure!) The gist is that I need to create a lotion bar...
  4. K

    Non-Greasy lotion bars

    Hi y’all! I have a pickle; I’ve received an order to be sent to Portugal. The order includes lotion bars and sugar scrub, both made with coconut oil that has a melting point of 76F, if I remember right. How on earth will I keep that from melting in transit to Portugal?? I tried to make lotion...
  5. Zing

    for a fundraiser

    These are for my church's auction coming up. I've posted some pics of these before but the soaps are rosemary, lavender, orange, and bergamot. The lotion bars are scented with plumeria FO I got while in Hawaii on vacation.
  6. Zing

    "Climb On" hard salve recipe?

    I just learned I've been "necroposting" so I'll start a new thread here. I want to replicate the brand Climb On hard hand salve that rock climbers use. My sons climb and swear by this product and I want to make it for Christmas gifts. I am curious if anyone has tried this recipe? The...
  7. N

    Lotion Bar with Kokum Butter?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make a lotion/massage bar with kokum butter as the main ingredient. I'm hoping to avoid cocoa butter as it is comedogenic. I also do not want to use beeswax, as I'm trying to get as make it as similar to the Organic Therapy Bar by LUSH as possible! Would a ratio of...
  8. roguehippo

    First Lotion Bar Attempt

    So I just did my first lotion bar experiment. I don't usually use lotion as my skin is pretty normal. I do have a couple of people who have requested that I make lotions, but I'm just now putting some serious thought into this. I think everything went well. I did my research and formulated a...
  9. H

    Cannot find these TINS! Looked all over 'net for months, HELP?

    Good morning all, I was a member of the SPF for over 2 years, but hit a snafu with my user id until it was finally figured out with admins - so HELLO, again! :wink I make some soap; in fact just started making it again. My products involve more advanced plant cosmeceuticals ingredients, creams...
  10. AngelMomma

    Geek me on Solid/Liquid Lotions

    I have dry skin and so do some friends and family members. I sometimes use a commercial lotion. But lately I have been using a lip balm I made 8-) (Its got great things in it!) or I will just use a dab of plain Shea Butter. I do TONS of Gardening which abuses my skin PROFUSELY!!! Hands...