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  1. Sar

    Harder Longer Lasting Bars

    Hi all, All my CP soaps have a lifespan of approximately 3 weeks when used properly and kept relatively dry between uses. I've tried adding salt water, sodium lactate, water discounting to no avail, not a noticeable improvement. I want the bars to be harder and long lasting. Any...
  2. ParadiseFarm

    Palm free, vegetarian, long lasting goat milk soap recipe?

    Coconut oil 34% Pomace 17% Rice bran oil 17% Avocado oil 10% Castor 5% Shea Butter 10% Sunflower oil 7% Superfat 5% Lye conc 33% Lauric 16 Myrisitic 7 Palmitic 12 Stearic 7 Ricinoleic 5 Oleic 33 Linoleic 15 linolenic 1 Hi, I’m looking for feedback on this recipe. I have...
  3. J

    A complex Lemon Verbena that sticks?

    I've triend ScentWorks Lemon Verbena, am happy with the high quality of their frangrance oils in general, but the Scentworks Lemon Verbena does not permeate a cured Cold Process soap very well. Part of the issue is the low flashpoint I think- anything at or below 140F tends to vape right out...
  4. T

    the "oldest" hand-made soap you have kept/used?

    I am new to the soap making, and want to know what is the best way to keep hand made soap for a long time as a memorial memento, and what recipe work better for that purpose. I heard that soaps containing certain kind of oil are meant to be consumed sooner, like peanut oil and almond oil...