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  1. AliciaE

    Thin crack on top of loaf

    Hey Ya'll, I have heard of large cracks in a loaf from soap getting to hot but I wasn't sure if that was the case with mine or not. I let all my soap sit in the same area and this is the first time I have gotten these thin cracks. They are just on the top of my loaf where I built up a little...
  2. QuanahRose

    How cut bars from 10" x 3 5/8" x 2.25" loaf?

    This is a blue silicone mold with ribs on the outside (from Brambleberry). I'm not sure how best to cut bars. 1x5x2.5 seems an odd size to me. Any ideas about other options would be appreciated. TIA
  3. S

    Any Thoughts Silicone vs. Plastic vs. Wood Rectangular Soap Molds?

    So I have been using a cheap silicone (12-squares) mold to make soap so far, and I want to try my hand at making a rectangular "loaf" of soap to cut into individual pieces. The main reason being, I think it would be easier to pour only once into a large rectangle instead of into 12...
  4. M

    how long until you unmold?

    I bought my very first loaf mold from michaels the other day, and I was stoked to having my soaps look uniform and perfect! I made my soap yesterday, and all day at work all I could think about was getting home and slicing my soap. The mold was stuck together pretty well, and when we pulled the...