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    Cant find Freezer Paper in UK. Looking for alternative Lining solutions.

    Hi, I cant find freezer paper in the uk and was wondering what other uk soapers use to line their molds? My molds are 1.5 litre plastic loaf molds. I have tried parchmont paper and cling film (seran wrap) but neither worked well. (Parchmont wouldnt stick with tape and cling film ruffled...
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    Lining Soap Molds

    Hi all, I'm about to endeavor on making my first batch of soap. The soap mold similar to the one I'll be using is linked below. Do I need to line it? If so, with what? Thanks, ACB http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00998NJCU/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
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    how long until you unmold?

    I bought my very first loaf mold from michaels the other day, and I was stoked to having my soaps look uniform and perfect! I made my soap yesterday, and all day at work all I could think about was getting home and slicing my soap. The mold was stuck together pretty well, and when we pulled the...