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  1. Milo z lojem, obarvano 13jun2020 IMG_2884.JPG

    Milo z lojem, obarvano 13jun2020 IMG_2884.JPG

    Tallow soap (34 %)
  2. D

    Can i use lemon essential as perfume?

    Hi!! Very new user here! I have always been sooooo in love with scent of lemons and I am never satisfied with the "lemon scented" perfumes on the market. I was wondering if I can use lemon essential oil? I was thinking about mixing it with some of my amazing shea butter and applying that where...
  3. S

    Does lemongrass EO discolour?

    Hi all, I'm planning a lemongrass & patchouli soap with a yellow base with a green and white drop swirl. Just concerned that my chosen EO's will discolour the batter? Any help greatly appreciated