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  1. GrannyTidbits

    Hello! New here - appreciate advice.

    Hello. I have never made my own soap but have always wanted to. I found a lot of advice on how to buy soap and melt it to pour into molds but that is not what I am looking for! I appreciate your help on good resources for learning, books, YouTube, supplies, and where to buy them. I am only...
  2. BattleGnome

    Deodorant Duping

    I love the deodorant I made from the giant funky pits thread (https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/de-funk-de-pits.60682/) but my plumbing has other ideas. Instead of cleaning my pipes every month I picked up a Tom’s of Maine product without wax aluminum, or baking soda that I’m enjoying...
  3. K

    Hello from Malaysia

    Hello, I am Kammy and a newbie. I haven't made any handmade soap yet because I'm still researching and learning before I start. Any tips for an anxious newbie like me? :)
  4. K

    Hemp Butter

    Hey guys! Has anyone used Hemp Butter for soap? Would you suggest it? The lye calculator I use doesn't have it as an option, maybe theres a reason for it? Thanks! Kay
  5. Greenmeadow

    Hello from Yorkshire UK

    Hi everyone! :wave: :wave: Hope you all good and having a nice weekend! I'm new to making soap , just made the first swirl soap yesterday , unmolded today and turned out pretty!! I've put some pics up here with my jasmine&mint swirl soap, take a look please and say what you think.Im so excited...
  6. NaturallyYou

    2nd /3rd Batches - And a few Questions

    Hello everyone! So I am happy to say that, even though for my first batches I am only doing small amounts, I have had quite a bit of success with my soaps. Although in my 2nd batch, I did two kinds of soap - and realized I changed to many variables to really know why they turned out sooo...