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  1. L

    Dish soap, Laundry soap, adjucts etc

    Hi everyone im new here and new to liquid soap but have been making CP bars for a while. i am looking for a tried and tested recipe for dish soap and laundry soap either CPLP or HPLP. we live in a hard water area so im thinking of adding Borax one because i heard it helps with the hard water...
  2. Sonya is soaping

    Working on Stain Removal soap bar

    So first I wanted to make a laundry washing soap, but ive read too many horror stories about rings of fat and grime left in the washing machine and then there's a whole blog about people soaking their clothes after years of using handmade laundry soap and the tub being filled with grotty water...
  3. Nanditasr

    Analysis of this laundry soap with ammonia and borax?

    After reading the thread, I started looking for laundry soap recipes, and I came across this one at "Grandma Herald's Laundry bar Soap 8lb batch 64oz lard 8oz...
  4. N

    Testing for Superfat?

    Hi there! I've made a couple of batches of soap with moderate success. My primary reason for making soap right now is to use it in a homemade laundry powder recipe that includes borax, washing soda, and grated soap. I made one batch a couple of years ago and haven't had to make another...
  5. J

    laundry soap bar

    Hi everyone...I'm new here and maybe I just haven't found the best search options but I'm looking for a laundry soap bar recipe that does not use vegetable shortening. I'd like to use coconut oil +/- palm or olive (whatever would be the best option). Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    Stinky Laundry Soap

    Hi everyone, yet another question! A few weeks ago I made some 1% SF HP soap with just CO for laundry soap. I know to pour it in the molds, let it solidify for a few hours then cut it and grind it, but when I did it smelled AWFUL. I thought if I let it sit out after grinding all the washing...