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  1. Z

    Extremely thick trace in a basic, lard soap after 2 seconds.

    Hi guys, as I said in the title I was making simple, basic lard soap following this video: - 140g water - 67g sodium hydroxide - 500g lard After adding a lye solution into an oil, and starting a stick blender, it became incredibly thick and dark(ish) colored in literally two seconds. The...
  2. KeepItSimpleSoap

    Tested my 100% Lard soap bars

    On Christmas day (12-25-19) I tested my Lard soap bars. It had been 31 days since I made them and I really didn't expect them to be fully cured. My original plan was to let them cure to the 15th of January. The soap made bubbles and washed my hands well but it left a greasy film. I didn't feel...
  3. V

    Lard HP

    Hello friends, I made for the first time lard soap last night. I like the results: very white bars, affordable and simple. I would like to hear your opinions on Lard Soap. Pls comment. Thank you, have a soapy weekend
  4. Iluminameluna

    Incorporating oil blends in a recipe

    I'm feeling stuck. I have a recipe in mind but it includes an oil blend. I don't HAVE to use it, but it's getting old and I don't want to waste it. Also it's been infused with paprika and annato for almost 3 months! The oil blend is 70:30 palm and soy. The recipe I've run through Soapee: SF 6%...
  5. Sonya is soaping

    Smelly lard soap

    Hi all I've just made my first batch of soap and incorporated lard into the recipe. It's been curing 72hrs and I've noticed it still smells like fatty bacon. Yuck. I'm wondering will this ever go away or should I just throw it out now? Because of ghe smell it's really put me off of using lard in...