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  1. S

    How to label proprietary blends?

    I’m using Brambleberrys emulsifying wax and it states in the SDS sheet that it is a proprietary blend so it does not give me the percentages of ingredients. How do I label this for my lotion? Do I list it as emulsifying wax or do I need the percentages to label this?
  2. Stephd31

    label regulations - Hong Kong

    I am a soaper in the US, selling on my website and Faire. I received an email from someone in Hong Kong wanting to purchase a substantial amount of soap. Does anyone know what they require on their labels/ingredients etc? Or really where I can look that up? I'm worried about the cost of...
  3. DWinMadison

    Label Generator

    On labeling...Do any of you guys have a spreadsheet (Vlookup?) or MS Access query that automatically converts common names into proper INCI labeling? I believer Soapmaker does it, butI’m surprised one or more of the recipe calculators doesn’t. If they do, I’ve missed it or am using the wrong...
  4. cmzaha

    Lower Labeling Cost

    I found these labels on Amazon and loving them. I always put my labels inside my shrink wrap to keep the labels clean. I have always used Avery 2x4" labels and they are not cheap and the labels always sticks badly to the soap.These :thumbs: labels do not have the...
  5. M

    Bath Bomb Labeling Woes

    I was hoping y'all could help me. I'm trying to polish up my bath bombs for better store-sale. I get a lot of wholesale orders, and I'm trying to "work smarter, not harder". I'm sure you know that labeling a spherical object is basically a fools errand, but here I am! I've been sending a frame...
  6. K

    Labeling requirements in Florida

    I am seeking help in learning the labeling requirements for 2 oz. bottles of shaving oil in the State of Florida. I have no idea how to find the information I am seeking. I hope I can find help here.