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  1. Cassie-May

    Need a recipe for the kit I got from The Soap Kitchen

    Hiya! I got a soap making kit the Christmas before last, and I'm just getting around to using it(!). The kit is from The Soap Kitchen and contains: 500g DLS 500g Palm oil kernel 500g Sodium Hydroxide 500ml Olive oil Ginger oil Whiskey fragrance Green GTSC Yellow insoluble I have scoured...
  2. Zelda Rose

    looking for a Spa Type lotion kit

    I'd like to start making body lotions but want to use a "kit" the first time. I've been looking at Wholesale Supplies Plus but I'm not sure if the lotions are light or heavy. I like the lighter lotions. Does anyone know of any other sites that sell good kits? An organic one would be great. Thanks